BBQ Cleaning

Our Method of Barbecue Cleaning in Bentleigh

Once we’re finished cleaning your appliance, it will not only look brand new, it will function better and serve your longer. To achieve this in the most time-saving and responsible manner, we follow a few steps for barbecue cleaning in Bentleigh that guarantee brilliant results every time:

  • BBQ Cleaning BentleighFirst, we lay protective sheets to prevent spills and smudges on the floor.
  • The technicians carry out an inspection of the appliance to ensure it’s in proper working order.
  • The detachable parts like the grates and grills will be removed to be scraped and scrubbed.
  • We tackle the accumulated residue from and around the burners.
  • For the inside of the appliance, we apply bespoke cleaning formulas not available in stores, which cut through the grease and protect the surface from scratches.

Afterwards all parts are rinsed and dried and the dip tray and hood are cleaned as well. The appliance is then assembled, given a final polish, and tested again. The technicians will also apply a protective spray to the inside of the BBQ and grill to prevent them from rusting. This method is suitable for all models and brands of BBQs and grills and completely safe for all members of your family as there are no harsh chemicals used in the process. You can enjoy grilled meat and veggies just hours after the service.

Book Bentleigh BBQ Cleaning and Enjoy the Perks of Our Service

If you think hiring professional BBQ cleaning is slacking off or a costly luxury, think again. All the DIY methods you try on your appliance can’t compare to the bespoke detergents we use in the battle against grime and carbon residue. Completely safe for you and the environment, our service is also affordable and packed with benefits such as:

  • instant quotes over the phone and online, free of obligation;
  • BBQ Cleaning Bentleighonline customer care and call centre operating around the clock;
  • flexible bookings from early morning until evening, 7 days a week;
  • weekend and public holiday appointments at no extra cost;
  • certified cleaning technicians with years of experience;
  • free inspection and advice on maintenance and energy efficiency;
  • insured services carried out in compliance with an approved checklist.

With our services, you will enjoy not only better tasting food, but also prolonged life of the appliance, as well as reduced cooking times and energy consumption.